The long awaited FAQs!

Hopefully this will answer all of your questions. If not, call us and we'll be happy to answer whatever question you have.

    General Questions:

  • Q: Where is HM located?

    A: 6007 Dean Martin Dr, inside Hustler Club, near Mandalay Bay, Excalibur and Luxor.

  • Q: Do I need reservations?

    A: YES! HM is an intimate setting and reservations are a must.

  • Q: HM shows timing?

    A: We're open from 8PM-2AM Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun. For other nights call (702) 932-8625

  • Q: What is HM, is it a show?

    A: Hunk Mansion is a male strip club. It's usually referred to as s male revue show.

  • Q: Do you have any specials or discounts for bachelorettes, birthday girls or military discounts?

    A: All our discount packages are HERE

  • Q: How do I get attention / table dance from the dancers?

    A: Waive your money in the air in the direction of your favorite guy. If he doesn't see you walk over to him and ask him to come over.

  • Q: What if we don't want attention from the dancers?

    A: Just politely tell the guys as they come over to you that you prefer to just watch.

  • Q: Do the HM guys get fully nude?

    A: No. They strip down to thongs and boy shorts.

  • Q: When is the best time to come HM?

    A: Depends on your preference... Calmer/slower nights are Thursdays & Sundays, while we tend to be crazy/busy on Fri and Sat. There are less bachelroette parties on holiday weekends and special event days that drive up the price on hotel and airfare.

  • Q: Is it like Chippendales or Thunder Down Under?

    A: No. They are big choreographed casino shows with a strict no tipping, no lap dance policy.

  • Q: How much are lap dances at HM?

    A: $25 and you pay that directly to the dancer.

  • Q: We are celebrating something can we get our special girl on stage?

    A: Absolutely! Talk directly with your favorite dancer to arrange that. They will arrange it with the DJ to have her called up on stage. This will cost $75, paid to the dancer of your choice that night. It includes a free drink and she will be on stage for the better part of 10 minutes.

  • Q: Can we take pictures?

    A: No.

  • Q: How old do you have to be to enter?

    A: 21+ with ID, no exceptions.

  • Q: What type of dancers do you have?

    A: We do out best to represent all the flavors equally.

  • Transportation FAQ's:

  • Q: We have our own car can we still get the $30 deal?

    A: Yes. BUT, if you take a taxi or hire any other form of transportation you will pay a $50 cover. If you want to drive your own car, call now and reserve!

  • Q: Is the transportation round trip?

    A: Not on the General Admission package. Taxi's are on property and we are minutes from any major hotel on the strip.

  • Q: I have a pack that includes a return trip, how do I arrange that?

    A: If you have a package that includes a round trip, respond to the text from your return driver. You must give him a 20 min notice.

  • Q: Can we choose the car?

    A: No. Dispatch will send a vehicle based on the size of your group.

  • Q: Will we have to share the car with any other groups?

    A: On occasion this may happen, but not necessarily the norm.

  • Q: How long will the driver wait if we are not ready at our pickup time?

    A: 5 minutes. If you are going to be late, simply change your pickup time by replying to your text message.

  • Q: Where does the vehicle pick us up?

    A: The driver will call you when he is on the way to coordinate with you. He will tell you at that time. Make sure you answer the phone and check text messages.

  • Q: What's the deal with driver gratuities?

    A: Show some love and tip your driver but it's not required.

  • Other questions:

  • Q: I am really not into male strippers, what should I do?

    A: Do something else. This is not for everyone.

  • Any other questions? Call Us Now (702) 932-8625